Morning Drop-Off

​In order to increase safety for our children, to simplify things for our families, and to be in full compliance with city regulations, we have adopted the following drop-off procedure:

Families should carefully drive west from Howell toward school. Do not turn directly from Prior onto Dayton. Drivers will pull up on the north side (school side) of Dayton and pull up as far as they can, even to the preschool if room allows. Drivers should let students out on the passenger side (school side) of the vehicle to let them out. Per the City of St. Paul, a vehicle must be occupied and actively loading/unloading passengers, or the vehicle may be considered parked, and a parking citation can be issued. After dropping off the children, drivers should carefully pull back into traffic and head west on Dayton. Drivers should not perform a u-turn in the middle of Dayton Avenue. See the visual aid below for clarification.

Please be mindful of our neighbors and their need to get in and out from their parking spots in front of their homes on Dayton, especially between Prior and Howell.


For everyone's benefit, drivers will remain off of cell phones during drop off time.


Families using preschool and/or morning extended day should continue the same procedures as last year. This requires that drivers park their car on Moore or in the parking lot, walk their child(ren) in through the southwest doors, and sign them in. Preschool families should not park on westbound Dayton Avenue. Families that have both preschool children and K-8 children will need to park on Moore or in the lot in order to drop off their preschooler(s) and may simply drop off their K-8 child while they do so.

For pick up, please do use the parking lot to park your vehicle, come get your child(ren) and walk them back to the car at the crosswalks.

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