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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a ministry at Saint Mark's designed to build community in our parish - to strengthen our parish family - while having fun at the same time.


Have you seen other parishioners that you recognize from Saint Mark's Church while you're out in public? You probably smile and say "hello" and then continue on your way. Wouldn't it be nice to get to know some of those parishioners? Here is your chance.

WHAT: A fun way for parishioners to gather in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We'll be coming together to share a meal once a month. The program is not as much about the meal as it is about building parish community.

WHEN: Dinners will be held the last Saturday of each month at 7:00pm. You do not need to attend every monthly dinner to participate. Each month you will be contacted two weeks before the scheduled dinner to RSVP as to your availability for that month.

WHERE: At the home of a host. It is not necessary to host to participate.

WHY: It is a great way to meet some of those nice people you see at Mass and in the neighborhood.

WHO: All adult members (21 and older) of Saint Mark's parish: singles and couples.

HOW: Each month the host will provide the main course and beverages. Each dinner guest will receive an email or phone call asking them to bring an appetizer, salad, rolls, vegetable or dessert. You will also be given the address and phone number of the host (but not the name - it's a surprise!) Each month new hosts and guests will be put together so you will have an opportunity to meet everyone in the program.


Want to sign up? You can fill out this form and return it to the parish office. Otherwise, sign up online by following the link below.

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