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Farewell, Frs. Yamato & Cesar (June 20)

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Contribute to a going away present!

Fr. Yamato and Fr. Cesar will soon be leaving the Church of St. Mark to begin a new mission in South Dakota. We would like to show them our appreciation for all their time at our parish and give them words of encouragement for their new mission. We invite you to record a short video greeting and post some pictures to give them your personal farewells. Please have these done by Thursday, June 17 so that we can prepare everything for their going away celebration. You can learn more and add your contribution by following this link.

Attend Sunday Masses.

For those interested: Fr. Cesar will celebrate the 9 AM Mass on Sunday, June 20; Fr. Yamato will celebrate the 11 AM Mass.

Join us for a reception.

Before they depart, join us for a farewell reception honoring Father Yamato and Father Cesar, which will be held in the gym on June 20, immediately following the 11 AM Sunday Mass.

This is a great chance to thank these men for their service to our Parish Family. It’s also a good an opportunity as any to try out all those jokes about the Corn Palace that you’ve been working on. It’s also a good opportunity to wish them both a happy birthday, because (fun fact!) they were both born on June 20. And, it’s also a good opportunity to wish them a happy Father’s Day.

We hope to see you there!

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