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Thank You, Katy Wehr (June 2)

We will be having a farewell reception for Katy after the 11 AM Mass on Sunday, June 2.

We need to share with you some news from our much-loved faith formation coordinator, Katy Wehr. We will let her tell you in her own words:

Dear St Mark's Family,

With a heavy heart, I am writing to let you know that I have resigned my position as Faith Formation Coordinator at St Mark’s.  It has been SUCH A PLEASURE working and worshipping with you for the past two years. I have learned so much and am grateful to God for my time here.  I have so many favorite memories: from the honor of helping prepare students to receive the Sacraments, to special parties for feast days, to the women's half-day retreat, to cantoring, to designing and hosting this Spring's Adult Bible Study, to the simple interactions in classes to discuss the faith, read the Scriptures and pray together. What a gift!  As you may know, the position is part-time and 10-months, and I have tried to find creative ways to make it work with a second job, but after two years, I have decided to look for a more sustainable full-time position.  I appreciate your prayers, as you will be in mine!  Thank you for each being a part of my wonderful time at St Mark’s.

In Christ, Katy

... ...

 I'm very grateful for Katy and the time she has spent serving our Parish family. I ask you to please keep Katy in your prayers as she discerns her next steps, and when you see her next, let her know how grateful you are for all that she has given through her time with us.

We will be having a farewell reception for Katy after the 11 AM Mass on Sunday, June 2. I hope to see you there.

Fr. Humberto, PES Pastor

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