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The Church of Saint Mark is proud of our incredible staff, who work diligently behind the scenes every day. From our generous priests to our friendly and hard-working administrators, everyone brings unique gifts to the table and makes St. Mark's a great place to worship, learn, and serve.

To request Sacramental Records, visit:

For general inquiries, please contact the parish office:

For bulletin and website inquiries, contact:

We welcome questions about parish finances:

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Parish Staff

Fr. David Hottinger, PES


Fr. Humberto Palomino, PES

Associate Pastor

Fr. Patrick Evans, PES

Associate Pastor, Sacraments and Pastoral Care

Randy Lehnen

Business Manager

Amie Iwaszkowiec

Preschool Director

Kathrine Handford

Director of Music and Organist

Audrey Koval

Pastoral Associate

Safe Environment Coordinator

Gina Brennan

Administrative Assistant

Patricia Hartshorn

Liturgy Coordinator

Kristen Grant

Director of Discipleship

Larry Leif

Head of Maintenance


Kevin Gearns

Director of Communications

Sr. Leann Luecke, PES

Ignite Youth Ministry

Sr. Maddy Elking, PES

Faith Formation and Ignite Youth Ministry

Br. José Ignacio Rodriguez

Master of Ceremonies


Br. Evan Steeves

Ignite Youth Ministry


Parsh Council

Michael Duchesne (chair)

Jared Czaia

Gina Brennan

Patrick Shrake

Anna Romportl

Jill Parry Schmidt

Carter Duncan

Peter Distelzweig

Barbara Sherf

Contact Us

For specific interests, please reach out to the emails above. Otherwise you can contact us via the form below - expect a reply within 24-48 hours!

For the pastoral emergency line,

please call (651) 354-9411

Thanks for submitting!

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