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CCW Plant Sale (by Mar 25)

Green up the place! And put a bit more “green” in the CCW coffers (which then goes on to parish, local, and international efforts)!

The annual CCW Gertens Plant Sale is upon us! Thanks to the wonders of modern tech, you can order in style and comfort from your own home by visiting and entering in 269 for the store ID! Pickup will be Saturday, May 4th, from 9:00 AM - Noon in the small gym/Carolyn Hall! All orders must be in by Monday, March 25th at 10:00 PM!

30% of all plants sales and 15% of all plant gift cards sales will be donated to local and national charities.

Any questions contact Eileen at edmmoore49@ or 612-483-2973. Order early for best availability. Happy shopping!

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