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Every Catholic in a Small Group (Lent)

Updated: Jan 30

Many places | Starting Lent if not sooner

In case you missed our invitation weekend (Jan. 28) materials, or even if you saw them, a refresher would be excellent! In short, as part of our effort to strengthen small groups at the Church of Saint Mark, and in harmony with the greater push within the Archdiocese, particularly in implementing the fruits of the recent synod, every Catholic in the parish is being greatly encouraged to be a part of a small group!

So, this Lent, a mainstay of our spiritual formation will be just that: small groups! Lean in!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Okay … what’s a “Small Group”?

A group of 6-10 people who come together regularly (weekly

or every other week) for an hour and a half, to encounter

Christ together through praise, prayer, learning, and sharing

God’s work in their lives.

Q. So why should I be in one?

Q. Is this just what we’re doing for Lent this year?

Q. But didn’t I hear some thing about small groups last fall?

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