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"Make Your Mark" (by Apr 19)

Calling all Youth (18 and under) Artisans!

Help foster devotion to St. Mark and also help beautify our

parish! For the Feast of St. Mark (Apr. 25), the parish

is seeking submissions of images of St. Mark made

by our parish youth! Any visual medium is acceptable

(except no AI image generators allowed!) and all skill levels

are encouraged to submit! We’ll exhibit these during

the Feast of St. Mark celebrations at the parish and the

standout winner will be on display at the parish for the

next year!

Criteria for evaluation:

• Accuracy and richness of symbolism

• Beauty & excellence

• Devotional value

• Originality & Creativity

Submissions can be made by 3:00 PM on Aril 19th, either

at or drop off at the

parish center! (Over 18? feel free to submit for an honorable


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