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MERCy Retreat (Apr 13)

8:45 - 11:45 AM | Carolyn Hall

Engaged couples and married couples of all ages

are invited to a MERCy Retreat on Saturday, April 13,

titled “Apostle of the Apostles: An Easter Retreat on St Mary

Magdalene.” The retreat will be held in Carolyn Hall, from

8:45 - 11:45 AM.

St Mary Magdalene was a sinner like all of us, washed in

the merciful love of the Lord. His love for her filled her

with a great love for him, and Christ chose this woman to

tell his apostles the Good News of the Resurrection. For

this reason, she is called the “Apostle of the Apostles.”

There are many lessons from her life for us as married

couples, and through her example and intercession we can

become more joyful and committed witnesses to the Risen

Lord for our family, friends and coworkers.

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