Sundays at Home/ Sidewalk Chalk

Updated: Jun 8

How do you keep Sunday sacred at home?

The Archdiocese put together a very helpful guide on watching Mass at home--it's all of one page. Read it here. We encourage you to share your own ideas for Sundays! So far, the best ideas we've heard have come from members of our parish family. We've had a number folks send in pictures of their Sundays at home, including this one of a budding vocation:

And this one, which features a somewhat liturgically heterodox baseball/ football combo:

Stuff like this is awesome. Keep 'em coming. Send pictures and stories to

Preach the Gospel . . . use chalk when necessary!

Yup, you read that right! In these trying times, St. Mark's is spreading hope using one of the most powerful resources we have. We speak, of course, of sidewalk chalk:

Want to join in on the water-soluble sidewalk evangelism? We invite parents and their kids to stop by our campus to add to our growing hope-forward art installation. Bring your own chalk, and remember to keep safe distances the way you would on any walk outside! If you'd prefer to stay closer to home, that's totally fine--though be sure to send us a picture of your cool Christian calcium carbonate creations so we can share it with our parish family here and on our social media channels. ... That's all for now, friends. Stay safe, wash your hands, and pray always! 

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