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Vocations Essay Contest (Winners)

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Congratulations to the winners of our Vocations Essay Contest.

Cecelia LaCroix - Best Coloring Page

Elijah Miller (Age 10, Honorable Mention): "...I want to show how much I love God and I want to be just like the priests and deacons at St. Mark's." Read the full essay here.

Juliet Johnson (Age 7) "In which aspect of Christ's ministry would I most like to participate? I would choose sacrifice." Read the full essay here.

Gideon Johnson (Age 9): "I have a gift of competitiveness and I don't give up easily. So that could help me win souls for Christ." Read the full essay here.

Isabelle Miller (Age 12): "Which one will be my vocation? Well, only God holds the answer to that question. But what you are interested in now may just give you a hint about what's in store for you." Read the full essay here.

Gabrielle Miller (Age 13): "Obedience is a very important virtue to learn young so you may find it easier in adulthood. The world must have exposure to quick and full obedience to doing the right thing which is what religious offer." Read the full essay here.

Anna Wilgenbsuch (18+ category): "A religious vocation is a call to be the visible spouse of the invisible God...In religious life, the vocations themselves bear testimony to not only the existence of God, but of the fact that He desires an intimate union with each of His beloved creations." Read the full essay here.

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