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Adoration Chapel Safety and Intruder Policy

Safety & Prevention

After hours (when the chapel is secured by passcode), please do not allow others to enter behind you as you enter, or when you leave, unless you recognize the person as a member of the parish or a Catholic from the area. Those who would like access to the chapel after hours should register with the adoration ministry, and upon doing so will receive the access code.

You can kindly explain to those looking to enter that after hours adoration is a privilege that our parish is eager to extend to others, but for the safety of those in the chapel registration is first required.

Intruder Policy

St. Mark's is proud to make its adoration chapel available to all those who sincerely seek God, provided they intend to use the chapel for prayer. The chapel is not a public space. It is a sacred space. Those who enter the chapel for purposes other than prayer are trespassing and will be asked to leave.

Adorers: if there is someone in the chapel who does not look familiar and does not seem to be here to pray, take action. Trust your instinct. Do not put your safety or that of other adorers at risk through cowardice or a misplaced desire to give others the benefit of the doubt. If your antenna is up, there may be good reason. Charity and prudence go hand in hand. Do not risk the safety of others or the continuation of nighttime adoration at the parish for the sake of feelings.

What to do if there is a possible intruder in the chapel:

1. Daytime hours (7am-6pm): inform parish staff. Call or text the Facilities Emergency Hotline at (507) 933-0367. Parish staff will get the message and take appropriate response.

2. Nighttime hours: Call the police (911). Explain the situation, and that there is a trespasser present in the church (Moore Street entrance to the Church of Saint Mark, 2001 Dayton Ave). Ask for police help dealing with the individual. Then text the parish emergency line (above) to inform parish staff of the situation. If it seems safe, you can inform the individual(s) in question that the police are on the way.

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