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Biennial Liturgy Seminar 1 (Feb 11)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Saturday, Feb 11 | 9 - 11 AM | Carolyn Hall

UPDATED 3-3 - Video of the seminar is available below

UPDATED 2-15 - PowerPoint presentation provided below!

If you’ve never been to a Biennial Liturgy Seminar at St. Mark’s then make this year your first!

From roughly 2016-2022, St Mark’s celebrated a Novus Ordo liturgy that made ample use of Latin in the ordinary of the Mass and its music, as well as other traditional elements.

Since the discontinuation of that Mass, many have expressed their interest/desire in experiencing elements of that Mass in our remaining parish liturgies. After consultation, Parish Leadership has decided to focus our Biennial Liturgy Seminar on the Novus Ordo liturgy (according to the documents of the Second Vatican Council) and Latin chant, and afterwards to see some of those elements of the 5pm Sunday Mass in our existing Sunday liturgies on a trial basis.

All are encouraged to attend; the mornings will include light breakfast, presentation and discussion, and also children’s catechesis!

The first seminar will be Saturday February 11th, 9 - 11 AM! Strive to be there!

What should the “Mass of Vatican II” look like? Fr. David will guide us in a study of the Council’s directives and how they might guide our celebration of the liturgy at St. Mark’s. We will explore what the Council Fathers said on issues like active participation, sacred music, preaching, scripture usage, and, yes, the use of Latin in the liturgy. Should be fun!

Update: Father's PowerPoint presentation is available below!

Vision of VATII for Reform of the Liturgy
Download PPTX • 9.47MB

Update: The video of Fr. David's presentation is available below

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