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Moms Group

Join other moms, working or stay-at-home, with kids womb to 18 years old for fellowship, socialization, and opportunities to grow in our Faith. To join, contact the group by using the link below. Once you're signed up, you can post in our Google Group, an open forum for events and announcements. 

Get Involved!

Join a fun, supportive, and faith-filled group of fellow mothers.

We host regularly scheduled activities, including Pray 'n' Plays, Nights Out, Mornings at the Park, and more.


Image by Moritz Fuchs

Elizabeth Ministry

 If you or someone you know is dealing with a miscarriage or infant loss, our parish is here to help. For support and resources during this difficult time, please contact:

Meal Train

Our group organizes Meal Trains for parish families with new babies or emergent family situations. If you or someone else you know at the parish would like to receive a Meal Train, please email Abby Ortega

Full Calendar

See all upcoming Moms Group dates on the calendar below. Clicking on an event reveals time and location information. If the event needs a host, it will say “host needed.” If you're interested in hosting, you can email Adreianna Vyvyan to let her know you will host the event at your home or another location of your choosing. You may also choose whatever time frame is best for you as the host. 

Moms Group Cal
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