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Catholic Family Camp Weekend Sign Up (ASAP)

Updated: Mar 15

RSVP here for the camp (Aug 1 - Aug 4) because it will sell out (and probably quite quickly!)

Remember from your childhood the summer your family lived in the open Northern Minnesota wilderness?! (The smell of the pines!) Did any meal ever taste better than the fare you had then after long days at the lake?! And remember falling asleep to the song of the loons and nights filled with the brightest stars?! Remember praying the rosary by the campfire and wishing it would never end?!

Sadly, you probably don’t, because that probably never happened for you. But you can get something of those “moments filled with eternity.”

What’s more, you can do it with a bunch of Catholic families and form not just stronger bonds with your fellow faithful, but a deeper faith and life with your own family! Plus daily Mass and Confession! When and where?! At Catholic Family Camp Weekend 2024 (Aug. 1 - Aug. 4) at Camp Lebanon (on Cedar Lake, ~two hours from the Cities). The camp weekend is a popular, yearly institution; spots fill up fast! But this year there’s a special drive for St. Mark’s families to get the experience!

Learn more, and to reserve a spot with a $150 deposit, visit

And you can check out a super helpful tour of the camp, to further entice you, here!

St. Mark's parishioner Dean Cummings, event organizer, would certainly love to hear from you, answer any questions, and otherwise give you quite convincing encouragement to attend! He can be reached at or text 612-516-DEAN (3326)!

Answers to common questions:

o There are 3 different lodging options. You choose which one you prefer when you sign up

o One family per lodging option (no sharing, please)

o Prices are for the whole weekend and 99% totally inclusive (small extra charge for zip line and laser tag to cover staffing)

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