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Cyber Resilience at St. Mark's

Updated: May 31

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

-Abraham Lincoln


“Only the paranoid survive,” while being a favorite general maxim of the editor, is also a good adage to remember when it comes to cybersecurity.

As a reminder, if you receive any strange comms from anyone claiming to be connected with the parish, then beware! On occasion, parishioner contact names and info are published — when solicited by the parishioner! — via our comms channels (for example, if a volunteer instructs us to share their contact info with respect to an initiative at the parish, like they are coordinating rummage sales items or festival activities) and ne’er-do-wells can take that info for fraudulent and nefarious purposes.

If you receive suspect messages, the following is recommended

•Don’t reply!

•Do forward a copy of these messages to the parish office (!

•Confirm authenticity of suspicious messages by inquiring with the supposed-sender via a more secure channel!

•Know that St. Mark staff will not ever contact you with emergency or urgent messages asking you for money, gift cards, etc.

•You’re encouraged to report such spam/junk via the various official channels (phone service providers, your email’s report option, FTC, etc).

Practice good cybersecurity, folks!

Be shrewd with clicking on links, even if the supposed full url is shown, like!

Many browsers show you the true destination of a link if you hover over them!

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