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Giving Platform Transition

Updated: Jun 28

The Church of Saint Mark is switching giving platforms and we’re asking parishioners to switch their giving from Vanco to ParishSOFT. (The former is our current giving platform and the latter is our current parishioner database management software.)

Switching is quite simple, but requires a minor effort on the parishioner’s part!

1) To set up ParishSOFT giving, go to

  1. Make sure you're clicking "Sign in" and create an account!! If you've already followed our prompts going to this form, you may have only done the "Give Now" and what's desired is creating an account and giving!

2) To cancel your Vanco giving, go to

3) And while you’re at it, can you relate the contact info you want shared in the parish directory (the one for which photos were taken late April, early May)? Do that at

Your help doing the above ASAP is greatly appreciated (and should only take ~5 minutes!) so we can wrap up these projects... and not be paying extra for various platforms!

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to contact Randy Lehnen or Gina Brennan in our parish office at 651-645-5717. You are welcome to stop in Mon-Thurs 9am-3pm to have an office staff member assist in this!

And if you haven't updated your giving to reflect your 2023 Stewardship Pledges, there's no time like the present with this switch! God bless you for your generosity!

And thank you!

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