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Help us give money away! (Apr 28)

UPDATE (4/10): Deadline updated from the 13th to April 28th!

As part of community building, St. Mark's CCW holds several fundraisers throughout the 

year.  We raise around $20,000 each year with the largest percentage going to our parish’s 

general fund. 

In past years we’ve also helped with projects such as

  • the restoration of the Stations of the Cross,

  • upgrading the kitchen in Carolyn Hall,

  • and funding the foundation for a new playground.

Donations are also given to many local, national, and international good works, like

  • pro-life organizations,

  • the Appalachian collection for the poor in Kentucky,

  • the building of a school dormitory for girls in Kitui, Kenya

  • and many others. 

All of you, our parish family, help us each year with these fundraisers; either by donating

your time by volunteering or your money by shopping. 

We’d like you to help us in the gifting of this money by suggesting some ideas for the donations.

Categories are:

  • Parish projects,

  • Local,

  • National,

  • and International Organizations.

You can send suggestions by April 28th to or online at here!.

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