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Parish Cleanup Day (Oct 3 & 17)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Join your fellow parishioners as we take some time to serve as good stewards to the beautiful buildings and grounds of our Parish. We will start assigning jobs after 8 AM Mass, so please try to arrive between 8:30-9:15. We will be working until 1pm, but if you are not able to stay the entire time that is ok. 

We will have both outdoor and indoor tasks. Please bring a mask in case you are working inside. 

Below are some examples of jobs.   


o   Re-tape pews

o   School building classroom cleanout.

o   Storage unit cleanout

o   Church basement cleanout

o   Pretty up the buffet in the rumpus room, for Drogo use on Sundays


o   New shrubs/flowers and mulch around campus

o   Move bike racks outside from Prior to outside Carolyn Hall

o   Remove old and irrelevant school signs in the alley, and parking lot

o   Retrieve Dean Nelson’s old parish windows from his garage, to put in church basement

o   Window washing

o   Rubber mulch cleanup around playground

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