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Parish Cleanup Day (Oct 3 & 17)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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Join your fellow parishioners as we take some time to serve as good stewards to the beautiful buildings and grounds of our Parish. We will start assigning jobs after 8 AM Mass, so please try to arrive between 8:30-9:15. We will be working until 1pm, but if you are not able to stay the entire time that is ok. 

We will have both outdoor and indoor tasks. Please bring a mask in case you are working inside. 

Below are some examples of jobs.   


o   Re-tape pews

o   School building classroom cleanout.

o   Storage unit cleanout

o   Church basement cleanout

o   Pretty up the buffet in the rumpus room, for Drogo use on Sundays


o   New shrubs/flowers and mulch around campus

o   Move bike racks outside from Prior to outside Carolyn Hall

o   Remove old and irrelevant school signs in the alley, and parking lot

o   Retrieve Dean Nelson’s old parish windows from his garage, to put in church basement

o   Window washing

o   Rubber mulch cleanup around playground

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