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Parishioner Directory Photo Sessions (Apr. 30 - May 4)

We're putting out a new directory, didn't you hear! Because the last one was from 2016. Yeesh!

To sign up, visit On the right side, click “PHOTOGRAPHY APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING LOGIN”. Our church code is mn451 and the password is photos (both case-sensitive!). You can schedule online from Monday-Friday and, for weekend sign ups, volunteers will be present for scheduling after Saturday Masses and at C&D on Sundays (there will be no paper sign ups Easter weekend).

Each family who sits for a photo gets a free directory and 8x10 portrait! Parishioners are also allowed to submit their own photos (cost $15).

Each photography slot is 24 minutes, but families should plan on being there for 1 hour, to be safe.

Want to supercharge the success of the directory? Volunteer to help sign up lovely parishioners at Coffee and Donuts, or by being a greeter at the photo sessions themselves. And then we can put names to faces!

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