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Seven Sisters Apostolate

Barb Kratt is calling all women of St. Mark’s! We are beginning a Seven Sisters Apostolate here at St. Mark’s and a few more sisters are needed! In gratitude for our priests, they commit to an hour of Adoration each week. More specifically, this is a commitment to pray for Fr. David, as he is our pastor, and spend one hour each week praying for his holiness and his deepening devotion to Mary.

The commitment is June to June. And if you have a week that you are unable to make your Holy Hour for Fr. David, substitute arrangements can be made!

Barb shares her sincerest thanks to each of you for your discernment of this Apostolate! Prayer is our greatest weapon. Prayer holds strength that we cannot measure on this side of heaven. Prayer for our pastor, Fr. David, will strengthen him, and he in turn will strengthen our whole parish. And once we have seven Sisters praying for Fr. David, we will move on to have seven more for each other PES priest! Hot dog!!!

Reach out to Barb at (507) 210-1557 and commit!

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