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Spiritual Resources for Holy Week

Accompany Jesus this Holy Week by using the following resources for each day!

  • Access all materials on FORMED can be accessed for free using our Parish Coder: XPDYVT

  • Activities for children for each day of Holy Week here.

  • Craft for every day of Holy Week for young children here.

Palm Sunday

Prepare a Prayer Corner for your home so that you are able to participate in the Holy Week liturgies and to take some extra time of prayer during this very holy week.


Begin to enter into the Paschal Mystery by learning more about Lent and Holy Week.

  • For families with children, click here

  • For adults, click here


Movie night!

  • For families with children: watch this movie about Joseph together and then talk about the similarities between Joseph and Jesus.

  • For adults: Video on the Jewish roots of Holy Week


Today is unofficially known as Spy Wednesday, named for the day Judas took action to betray Jesus.

  • Adults: Learn from Judas’ mistakes with this video

  • Activity for kids (see video on the page)


Celebrate the gift of the Eucharist and the Priesthood. Learn more about the Eucharist. Then take some time to pray. Tell God how grateful you are for God’s presence among us in the Eucharist. Take a moment also to pray for all priests, for the graces they need to be faithful and generous pastors of the flocks entrusted to them.

  • Video for kids: The Bread of Life: Celebrating the Eucharist! (Brother Francis)

  • Series for Adults


On this very holy day on which Jesus died for us, consider making an offering to give up technology in order to focus on the great love of God for you (except, of course, the technology that will help you participate in the Stations of the Cross, Good Friday service, resources below, etc).

  • For adults: Learn more here about Divine Mercy Chaplet

  • Being to pray the Divine Mercy Novena here

  • For older kids, watch this video on the life of Jesus


Hopeful waiting--a disposition of heart. Reflect on how you as a family can patiently wait in joyful hope for the Resurrection of Jesus? What would Mary and the disciples have done?


Celebrate the resurrection of the Lord!

Octave of Easter

Enjoy this time of great celebration; reflect on the spiritual progress you made during Lent, and make a resolution ton continue to grow in love for Our Lord.

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