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Synod Small Groups (Tuesdays)

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We are entering year 3 of the archdiocese synod, where Archbishop Hebda has invited us all to join in planning the future of our local church. This fall, there will be a series of small-group sessions starting September to work through the synod materials and compile our feedback to send to the Archbishop’s office. We want as many St. Mark’s voices as possible to participate in how we will grow the Body of Christ here in the Twin Cities!

Walk-ins are welcome at any time--even if you have yet to attend a meeting! Your opinions are important to this Synod process.

There will be six two-hour small group sessions offered between Sept. 21 and Oct. 26. The parish-organized sessions will occur on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 in Carolyn Hall.

Additionally, parishioners may register and organize their own small groups, which would need to meet six times between Sept. 19 and Nov. 14. The synod committee at our parish can help these independent small groups get the materials they need to run the sessions. Independent small groups will need a method to watch the synod videos and should choose a small group facilitator and scribe, each of whom will attend a short training. A Spanish language version of these materials is available.

Sign up using our online form, found here and on our website's Synod Page.

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