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The Church of Saint Mark Presents:




Tuesdays. 7 PM. Carolyn Hall.

Eight big what?

Questions. We thought that was pretty obvious.

Ok, right but questions about what?

Short answer: Catholicism. Long answer: the tough parts about Catholicism. We want this to be a chance to tackle some of the most popular, common, and, yes, challenging topics that people ask about the Church. "Eight Big Questions" is a series of informative, engaging, and, yes, challenging lectures. 

Who is this series for?

We think these will be a good bit of fun -- one of those "something for everyone" kind of events -- but specifically, they're geared at any adult (high school aged and up) who has questions about the Catholic Faith. 


Are you a non-Catholic exploring the Church? This series is for you. Are you friends with a Catholic, and want a better sense of why he or she says all those wacky things? This series is for you. Are you a a cradle Catholic, but it's been a while since you had a religion class and now you're not quite so sure why the Church teaches what it does? This series if for you. Do you have a pretty good grip on the Faith, but maybe you get nervous when you try to share your faith with others? This series is for you AND your friends.

How many sessions are there?

Nine, altogether. (If you guessed "eight" we won't hold it against you.) There are eight sessions with specific topics in mind, and one "spirited" Q and A session to round things out. Each night will feature a different speaker -- a (typically very engaging, and always super knowledgeable!) expert on his or her subject. Here's the full schedule:

Sept 27 - What is Catholicism? 

Oct 4 - Are there reasons to believe any of this?

Oct 11 - Who's in Charge: The Pope, the Bishops, or the Bible? (Part I)

Oct 18 - Who's in Charge: The Pope, the Bishops, or the Bible? (Part II)

Oct 25 - Do Catholics believe good works will save us?

Nov 8 - Why do Catholics worship the Eucharist?

Nov 15 - Why do Catholics pray to Mary and the saints?

Nov 29 - Why is the Catholic Church so strict about sex?

Dec 6 - Q and A

Okay, fine, I'll try it out. Where and when is this?

Awesome, we can't wait to see ya! These sessions will be held in Carolyn Hall (right across Moore St. from the Church) on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM. They'll run about an hour. You don't HAVE to sign up in advance -- walk right in, if you want, and feel free to drag people along with you. But letting us know that you're coming makes setting up a lot easier, so do RSVP if you can! 

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