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Annual Mission Appeal Giving

Help the poor of Vietnam via your charitable donations! That's the call for our annual Mission Appeal!

To help make present to us the good work that Friends of the Poor is doing in Vietnam, Sr. Rose Hang Vu, RGS, joined us this past Sunday to share the fruits and needs of her ministry for our annual Mission Appeal! There are no shortage of fine ministries and apostolates you can support, but for stretching their donations and serving those in dire need, Friends of the Poor is on the front lines when it comes to works of mercy!

What all do they do?

  • Provide rice to the lepers of South Vietnam

  • Help the blind become self-sufficient

  • Provide food and education to the poor children in the mountains

  • Distribute blankets

  • Help unwed mothers, orphans, and those with HIV and other disabilities

  • Provide bread for the poor and homeless

  • Provide clean water

  • build chapels

  • and more

  • a lot more!

See just how much more in the slides below!

Banquet of Love 2022(2)
Download PPTX • 23.74MB

Give generously! For more info, contact Sr. Rose at

Please be generous!

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