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Coffee & Donuts

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Coffee and Donuts—regarded by all eminent students of ecclesiology as a vital element of traditional Catholic culture—has returned to St. Mark's. All are welcome to join us in Carolyn Hall following the 9 AM and 11 AM Sunday Masses for fellowship.

Want to do more? Contact Team Drogo, the group of very fun* people who host Coffee & Donuts:

*It's probably not necessary to mention that the Coffee & Donut people are very fun. Suppose there was a group that only gave out Plain La Croix & Swiss Chard. See, now in that case it might be important to indicate that the group was cool. But it's much more obvious that the Coffee & Donut folks know how to throw down--they give out coffee and donuts, for crying out loud. So calling them "very fun" is redundant. It's lazy writing, really. And, frankly, the fact that our communications guy regularly makes a mockery of the English language with his half-hearted, thoughtless prose is enough to make your blood pressure spike. Poor Mrs. Muldowney--the long-suffering character who taught our communications director English in grade school--would likely throw a well-justified conniption fit if she knew what a pig's breakfast her former student routinely makes of the very same language that graces the pleasant pages of the King James Bible. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Unlike, of course, donuts, which taste great, especially when enjoyed in good company following a 9 AM or 11 AM Mass.

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