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Couples' Marian Consecration (Nov. 5)

Attention married couples of St. Mark’s: join other married couples for a Marian Consecration. Journey through the book, “33 days to morning glory” with other married couples in preparation for consecration on December 8th!

What is a Marian Consecration? Consecration to Mary is simply a furthering and deepening of our devotion to and relationship with Jesus through Our Lady. If you already have an affection for Mary and talk to her often, consecration is a natural next step. But even you don’t really know Our Lady yet, Marian consecration can be that bridge that unites you to her more deeply.

The kick-off meeting is November 5. For more information or to sign up, please contact Adreianna and Brent Vyvyan at This event is sponsored in part by the St. Mark’s Moms’ group.

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