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First Holy Communion (May 5)

This year, Mr. Brekke’s second grade students have been preparing to receive their First Communion. They have learned about how the Old Testament prefigures the New Testament from Abel’s sacrificial lamb to Jesus being the Sacrificial lamb, the sacrifice of Isaac to the sacrifice of Christ, Joseph in Egypt to Jesus, Manna in the desert to Jesus being the bread from heaven, and the Passover to the Last Supper and the Mass. The students have also been learning names and meanings of the priest’s vestments the articles used in Mass.

The students are very excited to receive their first Eucharist. Each student was asked to answer the following question, please read below to see their responses: Why do you want to receive your First Holy Communion? Here are their responses.

“I want to be closer to God and one day to be a saint”

- Amelia

“I want to grow closer to God and grow in my faith”

- Veronica

“I want to receive the Eucharist so I can be closer to God."

- Ari

“I want to be closer to God and make an everlasting bond with Him."

- Vincent

“I want to always have Him (Jesus) in my heart so that one day I can be a saint."

- Eleanor

“I want to receive Him and I want Jesus to always be near to me”

- Kaylee

“I want to receive Him Because our bodies are temples and I want to have Him in my temple”

- Jacob

“I want to be closer to God, grow to be a saint, and bring His peace to the world”

- Paul

It has been a beautiful year watching each student grow in their faith. Please keep each of these students in your prayers as they continue to journey in their faith with wonder and infectious joy.

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