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Fr. Patrick Welcome at C&D (Jul 23)

Carolyn Hall | After 9 AM and 11 AM Masses

In the season of pastoral change that we've had for the past couple months, we have yet to heartily, publicly punctuate the arrival of our new associate pastor, Fr. Patrick Evans, PES! He's come all the way from Peru to bring the Sacraments and the Gospel to our corner of the Midwest!

So let's make things proper!

It would be to all of our benefit to get to know the new shepherd, and vice versa! May he have a zeal for souls and may we have an unflagging zeal for his [associate] pastorate!

So join us for a particularly celebratory Coffee and Donuts, after the 9 AM and 11 AM Masses on Sunday, July 23rd! Bring your cheery selves and your expressions of welcome!

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