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Fridays in Lent (2021)

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Spend Friday evenings in Lent growing in your faith with your parish Family! These evenings begin at 6:15 PM in the Church with Stations of the Cross and Confessions, followed by our Lenten Speaker Series at 7:00 PM.

Stations of the Cross will take place in the main Church at 6:15 PM. Please follow all seating and distancing instructions to ensure that these evenings remain safe for all who wish to attend.

This year, our Lenten Speaker Series is taking a closer look at our Parish mission statement, "to live and share Christ's Call to Holiness," by exploring how holy men and women through the ages have answered this call--and how we as a parish can better answer it today! These talks will be delivered in the Church, as well as live-streamed on our website.

Here’s the full lineup for the speaker series:

  • February 19 - "We Are All Called to Holiness" (Sr Laura)

  • February 26 - "The Holiness of St Peter" (Dcn David)

  • March 5 - "The Holiness of St John the Evangelist" (Dcn Joe)

  • March 12 - "The Holiness of Mary" (Fr Humberto)

  • March 19 - "The Holiness of St Joseph" (Fr Cesar)

  • March 26 - "Holiness Today" (Fr Yamato)

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