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Sunday 5 PM Mass Suspended

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

After prayer and consultation, parish leadership has decided not to bring back the Sunday 5pm Mass this year. That Mass, much-beloved for its beauty and simplicity, has been poorly attended in recent years. Low attendance (40 persons on average, this past spring), coupled with perennial challenges in securing sufficient volunteers to serve at it, made it hard to justify a fourth Sunday liturgy at the parish.

Nevertheless, since the Mass was inaugurated in 2016, both clergy and faithful alike delighted in the reverence and the contemplative atmosphere of the Mass, which was unique for the prevalence of chant (practically all the dialogues and even the Creed were sung) as well as for the use of Latin (the Eucharistic prayer as well as the introductory rites were in the ancient tongue of the Roman rite), along with other traditional elements.

While our clergy are sad to see the Mass go, they have expressed openness, should there be interest, of incorporating some of those elements into the remaining Sunday liturgies, at least on occasion!

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